Monday, June 16, 2008

Who wants ice cream?

Happy Father's Day! We celebrated our Father's day weekend with lots of ice cream eating. We have a local farmer down the road from us that has an ice cream stand during the summer months and needless to say it is addicting. Riley so loves ice cream right now, it is such a joy to see the excitement on her face when we mention it. She says that her favorite is chocolate. She yells "Ice Cream" the whole way. Riley and her daddy got to spend some quality time together this weekend. They hung out with each other on Saturday morning and then we went for ice cream that night. Then yesterday we went to church and went out to lunch with our friends the Miller's for a Father's Day lunch. Riley adores her friends Emma and Riley and loves any chance she has to spend time with them. We then had a cookout with some friends and then went for ice cream again. At this rate I am going to have to hit the gym more. I do split a sundae with Riley, and that at least makes me feel better.

Our friends the Hamm's are in the process of moving today, so they spent the night with us last night. Their children, Kensley and Emory are staying with us today and Riley has had a blast today. What a special treat to have 2 friends spend the night at your house and play with you all day.

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