Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Great Memories

Today we went to the Observation Park at the airport with our church. My friend Ann and I have been planning family activities for our church during the summer months. While it was a small crowd today, we still had a great time. The girls loved the airplanes and watching them take off and land. They were running around acting like they were planes and having us swing them by their arms pretending they were flying. Our little friend, Emma, liked the purple ones which were the Southwest planes. We packed a picnic lunch and our pastor Greg and his wife Molly met us for lunch also. One thing that melts my heart with little ones is watching them pray. Riley Kay, Emma and Riley Rae said their mealtime prayer before their lunch and it was so precious.

After nap time today we went down to our friends Anna and Luke who live right down the road to go swimming. Riley wore her swimsuit that my niece Kelsey got her for her birthday. She still needs to grow into the bottoms as her bottom kept showing. It is amazing to me how brave and fearless Riley is in the water. Her new thing right now is "JUMPING" and she loves to do this on the ground, off a step, on the bed or in the pool. So needless to say just about anywhere. She was jumping in the pool tonight and a couple of time went underwater, but it didn't seem to phase her at all. She also likes jumping off the side of the pool into your arms.

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