Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's Movie Time

Today I sat for my friend Anna and watched her little boy Luke. Riley loves playing with him as they are just a few months apart. We went to the movies today, as our local theater is having free movies through the summer for kids. It is a great hot day outing. We went to see Charlotte's Web today and it was a big hit. Riley loved all of the animals in the movie. It was funny at the beginning of the movie when she saw the sheep she started "Baa Baa." At first I thought she was going to be scared of the spider, but she was fine. Our friend, Erin went with us to give me another set of hands to help with the 2 little ones. Between the drinks, huge tub of popcorn and the 2 little ones it was a huge help to have her. Our friend Ann met us too with Emma and Riley. All in all everyone did a great job and I would for sure say that I would try it again. Riley did good for about the first 30 minutes and then she got a little restless. Luke sat almost the entire movie and didn't make a beep.

Riley and Luke had so much fun playing with each other today. The highlight for me was when they both climbed into the dog's bed and were playing together. They really do a great job sharing and we are very lucky to have such great friends.

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