Friday, June 13, 2008

Fun day in the sun!

We had a great Friday the 13th today! Our morning started off going to the pool with our friends Emma and Riley. We met Emma and Riley through church and they are 2.5 year old twins. You will see from the pictures that we sometimes still have a hard time telling Emma and Riley apart. It has been interesting watching our Riley's understand that they both have the same name. Ann and I thought that if we used middle names that that might help out. Well, to our surprise they are pretty close too. Our Riley is Riley Rae and theirs is Riley Kay. It is funny sometimes when I am saying Riley and I get the other ones attention. The girls had a great time at the pool today and it was pretty relaxing. Their pool has a separate kiddie pool, so we were able to sit on the side for the most part and watch them play together. My favorite part today was the 3 girls playing "ring around the rosie" in the water together. At first, Ann and I had to play with them in the water, but then they were doing it on their own. It was so funny when "we all fall down" came and they would fall into the water. It has been such a gift to met the Miller's through church. We have been so blessed to have meet such a christian family and look forward to having many great memories together.

Tonight we had our friends the Foil's over for dinner. They were our neighbor's in Knightdale and we miss them dearly. They are such wonderful people. They watched Riley for us a few weeks ago so that Leon and I could get away for our anniversary trip. We had them over for dinner tonight as a thank you. During Riley's stay with them she became very close to Mark. Cathy and Brooke both had told us how she wanted Mark to help her do everything. Well, I got to see that first hand tonight. She wanted Mark's help on the swing, she wanted Mark to sit by her at the table and she even wanted Mark to change her dirty diaper. I saved Mark on that one though. She was sad to see them go tonight, but gave them lots of hugs and kisses good bye.

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Camissa said...

I'm jealous of all your warm weather and water where it should be! I know what you mean about our kids having different lives tha us...Chad and I were talking about that Sunday.