Monday, November 3, 2008

Wilson's Halloween Party

It was a very busy weekend, with another Halloween party on Saturday. This time Riley dressed up as a kitty cat. They had lots of games and activities and Riley of course thought she was one of the big kids. I think she really enjoyed the treats.

Halloween Night

Happy Halloween!

We had a few friends over on Halloween night for some chili and trick or treating. It was tons of fun and Riley was so into Halloween this year. She asked me all week when she was going to be able to get candy for her pumpkin. She was the cutest Bumble Bee in the neighborhood.

Good times at Kindermusik

We are taking a Kindermusik class this semester with Miss. Jill and Riley loves it. She has so much fun singing and dancing. It is amazing to me how much she remembers from week to week with the words and hand motions. Here are a few pictures from last week's class. Her friend Luke is also in the class with us.

Leaves Are Falling

Ready, Set, Go!

We don't have too many trees in our yard, but Leon's was able to rake up a small pile for Riley to jump in. It was good times for both of them.