Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Riley's preschool Fall Festival

It is that time of year and fall is here. We have been hitting the parties and have a big week with Halloween on Friday. Riley had a festival yesterday at school and had a great time. Leon was able to join us for the fun, so she thought that was big time stuff to have her daddy there. Lots of games, a jumpy house, hot dogs, decorate your own cookie. I mean what more could you ask for as a 2 year old.

All Saints' Fall Festival

We had a Fall Festival and Blessing of the Animals at church this weekend. It was scheduled for Saturday, but due to the rain it was moved to Sunday following church. It was a lot of fun for the kids. They painted pumpkins and made over 50 treat bags for the nurses at Duke on the 5200 floor which is the pediatric bone marrow floor. There was a fish and a dog that were blessed, which was really neat for the kids to experience. I thin we would have had more animals if the rain had not changed our schedule. I feel so blessed that we have found All Saints', we have an amazing church family.

Playing Outside

Riley enjoying a fun Fall day!

NC State Fair

I took Riley to the fair with her friend Luke and his mom Anna last week. It is amazing to me how much different this fair is from the MO fair. I told Leon that night when we returned (he had school that night) that next year I was taking Riley to a "REAL" fair and going back for the MO State Fair. It is so sad to me that this fair is so based on food and the carnival. You have to search and search to even find anything related to agriculture. But that is enough about that, Riley still had a wonderful time. She loved the corn dog, nachos, funnel cake and kettle corn. Junk food overload is all I can say. And of course she loved all the rides, but I really think her favorite part was the animals. When we were leaving she asked to see more animals.

Leon's 30th Birthday Surprise

Leon turned 30 last week and I surprised him with a cruise to the Bahamas. It was so much fun planning. I have never had this big of a secret from him and it was really hard (don't know if I will ever do anything like it again) I was able to keep it from him all the way to Miami. He didn't even know that we were flying. I had arranged it with work for his days off and sent him a clue each day of the week leading up to us leaving. The clues were so random that he could have never guessed it. The icing on the cake was that our best friends from college, Emily and Doug, were able to join us for the fun. When they walked up, Leon could not believe his eyes. It was great memories that we will forever cherish.

This was Royal Carribeans private island, CocoCay. It was amazing!!! I have never seen anything like it before. It felt like something you only see in postcards. Of course Leon being the adventurist, found this amazing spot that no one was on. It was such a peaceful day. I could have stayed there forever.

If you could have only seen the before shot of this, it was very funny! It is harder than it looks to get into a comfortable position when sharing a hammock.

Again leave it up to Leon to find the one spot on the entire ship that no one else has found. It was an amazing spot. We played a round of cards on the back of the ship and watched the sun set. It was beautiful. You can always guarentee great times when playing cards with Emily and Doug.

On the ferry on the way to Atlantis. Another great day!

This resort is unbelievable. It was great to get to go and see it. We spent the day at Atlantis and Leon and I talked all day about how much fun Riley would have had there. Maybe one day we will go back and stay at the resort with her.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Look how much she has grown

Here are some pictures of Riley from last year at the pumpkin patch!

Pumpkin Patch Time

This past weekend we went to a new pumpkin patch, Hillridge Farms, and it was amazing. I think it might have been better than going to the fair. The pictures will tell the story.

Almost 3 feet tall

Come on Mommy!
Riley won the race
This corn bin was one of Riley's favorite things. She loved playing in the corn.

Waiting her turn

She is such an animal lover!

This was the fastest slide I have ever been down. Another one of Riley's favorites

On a hayride out to pick our pumpkins

I am going to find the perfect one

I think I am getting close

Riley and her friend Blake - pretty sure Blake is winning

The end to a great day!