Friday, June 27, 2008

1-2-3 JUMP

We went to the pool tonight and had so much fun! Riley continues to keep getting braver and braver each time we go. Last week she would stand on the edge and hold my hands and kind of jump off the side, but tonight was a whole different story. Over the weekend with the Montanus girls we realized that she does really well with one of those life jackets that have a strap between her legs. She now will go all over the pool by herself without you holding on to her. Tonight the highlight was her jumping off the side by herself. We would count 1-2-3 JUMP and off she would go, completely under the water. She LOVED it! I think that she might be a swimmer.

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Camissa said...

What a cutie..Ella loves swimming also. I wish it would stay warmer and quit raining!