Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rock a Baby

I wanted to take a minute to write this morning before I continue with my day to day life and don't get this documented. I am learning very quick from myself that this is going to be a wonderful way to keep up with the little details that I think I will take time to sit down and do in Riley's baby book but don't. So needless to say I am doing a lot of this for myself and don't want you to get bored with reading our blog. With that said please read what you would like!

Anyways, for the last 2 weeks I would say Riley has been going through this "Rock a Baby" phase. The first night that she said it to me it took me the longest time to figure out what she was saying. Our normal bedtime routine is reading 2 books, saying our bedtime prayer and having a little drink of milk. Well after doing all of that one night she kept say "Rock a Baby" and wanting to crawl up into my lap. So of course as a mother, who does not get much cuddle time anymore took advantage of this special moment knowing that they are few and far in between. So after singing to her a few times and rocking she said time for bed and it just about melted my heart. After putting her down I asked Leon if she had done this to him, trying to figure out where she even learned about "Rock a Baby" Of course, that answered all of my questions. Leon said a few night prior to that he had rocked her and sang to her. It is amazing to me how the catch on to things so fast. So she now things each night that she needs to "Rock a Baby" She woke up Monday morning at like 5 and Leon went in and gave her a drink. After this she said "Rock a Baby" so of course he did, like myself taking advantage of those moments.

I just wanted to take a few minutes to write this down, because I know 1 year down the road I am not going to remember these small special times.

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