Sunday, July 20, 2008

She's a FISH!

Ava going down the slide ~ by the end of the day she was a pro!

Monkey see ~ Monkey do!

Riley's love for the water just continues to grow! She is getting so brave, now that she loves the life jacket and can swim on her own. Friday we went swimming with Luke and Ava and she of course loved that. She loves hanging out with the "older" kids and thinks she is just one of them. She is all into being in the deep now and does not want you to help her at all. She is becoming very independent. It was a big day for Ava. She went down the slide for the first time all by herself and loved it. I think she must have gone down that slide at least 20 times in an hour. I was tired just watching her climb the stairs each time. Riley has the biggest crush on Luke and loves hanging out with him. He is very sweet to her and played with her in the shallow water, which made Riley's day. It was monkey see ~ monkey do! She would try to do everything Luke did and it was so cute. She was even trying to help Luke and I got the cutest picture of her lifting his head up.

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