Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ice Cream!

We met our friends Erin and Anthony tonight for ice cream. They live just down the road from us and we met them through another set of friends. They have been such a blessing, and are such a great couple. They have watched Riley for us a couple of times and have been a huge help. Erin is a second grade school teacher and just started back this week. She has such a love for children and I am so thankful and feel blessed that we have gotten to know them. Riley really likes Anthony and they are big time friends. She had a grown man playing with her tonight in the rocks, filling her pockets up with them and jumping off the sidewalk (because you know as a 2 year old that is big time fun) I think Anthony might have a soft heart! Riley so enjoyed the ice cream. She tells us the whole way there that her favorite is chocolate!

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