Monday, July 7, 2008

Rides, Rides and more Rides

I would have to say hands down Riley's favorite part of Tweetsie was the rides. I could not believe that she wasn't afraid of some of them. We rode the Tweetsie Twister which is like the scrambler and she LOVED it! I thought I was going to get sick and she was laughing so hard. She also road a couple of things with Leon that I didn't have the desire to even get on. Riley and I road the Farris Wheel together. It went really fast and was pretty far up, but didn't bother her at all. She also drove a car with Leon. I thought that the cars were on tracks, but much to my surprise they were not. They had a couple of boards on each side to give you some guidance, so that was an experience with a 2 year old driving. It was such a joy to see her so happy!

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