Saturday, July 12, 2008

A day at the museum with All Saints'

My friend Ann and I have been planning family activities for our church for the summer. Today was an exciting day with a trip to the Durham Museum of Life and Science. We had a small crowd, but it was great and just the right size for a day at the museum. I didn't know when we planned the day that today was "Dino Day" with the kickoff of a new exhibit so needless to say it was very busy, but still a lot of fun. Of course Riley was so excited to see Emma and Riley as they have been gone for a couple of weeks on vacation. Riley's favorite part is for sure the animals. She talked the entire way to the museum about them and was singing Old McDonald on the way. She loves the donkey which would make her Great Grandpa Elton very proud. If only he could see her get so excited about seeing that crazy animal.
The museum was fun for all ages! This is our pastor's husband, Rodney.

It was a pretty hot day here, so we hit the pool tonight after dinner. Riley continues to love swimming. For some reason tonight, she was not interested in jumping of the side though.

For all of our MO family, we have missed you this week at the Vernon County Youth Fair. I have thought of you often this week and am truly sorry that would could not make it this year. I am for sure putting in on our calendar for next year!

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