Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pump it Up with All Saints'

Monday we had another summer outing with our church at Pump It Up. It is an inflatable jump house. It is crazy how many of these places have gone up in the area. I really liked this one as it was easy to keep up with your child, where some of them are not so much. I think the bigger the slide or jumper the more Riley loves it. She is not scared of them at all, which is a little scary to me. She is so little that she just flies down those slides so fast it looks like she could fly right off of them.

My friend Ann and I have been planning outings for the children of the church over the summer. We were both really pleased at the turn out that we got. After our hour of play we went over to the ministry center and every one brought a picnic lunch with them. It was great to have the place jumping with little ones.

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