Monday, August 4, 2008

Day with Ava and Luke

Last week we got to spend a day with Ava and Luke and which made Riley's day. She loves spending time with older kids and is Luke's little shadow when he is around. Luke got to go swimming with a friend, so Ava and Riley and I headed out for an adventure. We went to a story time, then had lunch at Chick-fil-a which is such a big thing to Riley. She knows that she can turn in her toy for ice cream, which she loves. And she also knows that there is a play space there which is a big treat to a 2 year old. Riley and Ava where into Riding bikes and of course Riley wanted to do everything that Ava was doing even though she wasn't big enough.

That night we got to go and watch Luke play tennis and went out to dinner and ice cream. So yes, the girls had ice cream twice that day. It is summer time, what bigger highlight is there than getting ice cream!

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