Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rain, Rain go away

Riley is so aware of the weather right now. They have been talking a lot about that at school so any time she sees the rain coming you better have an umbrella close by. Her new thing is she is totally into her rain boots and rain jacket right now. One day when Leon was watching her it rained and they went outside and played in the puddles, so she now thinks that is something we do every time it rains. This week she saw that it was raining and it was a school day. She was determined that she was wearing her rain boots to school. They are a little big and do tend to fall off of her and I tried to explain that to her, but that is like trying to explain why the sky is blue! Anyways, it was one of those battles that was not worth fighting so I put a pair of shoes into her backpack. Needless to say when I picked her up from school she had her shoes on. I am sure that her teacher was loving me that day!

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